Castel Savoia (Savoy Castle) is a 19th century villa in Gressoney-Saint-Jean.  It was requested by Queen Margaret of Savoy – incidentally the same woman who inspired the Margherita Pizza, which we’ll talk about in a future post – after her and King Umberto I had spent some time in the same area. He was resistant at first since he preferred another area for its fine hunting – guess not much has changed with husbands in 200 years!

She finally obtained permission to build her vacation home, which she commissioned the architect Emilio Stramucci to design. It has vast rooms with an entry that will make you hold your breath. Her room, obviously, has the most magnificent view overlooking Monte Rosa (Glacier Mountain) – she’s the queen, she does what she wants!

Located in a place called “Belvedere” – Beautiful View – how could it be anything but spectacular. The grounds are equally beautiful covered in snow in the winter and in the late spring, when visitors can walk through its blooming alpine botanical garden.

 For information on visiting the castle contact: 

Castello Savoia

Località Belvedere, 11025 GRESSONEY-SAINT-JEAN (AO)

  • Telephone:(+39) 0125 355396

  • Fax:(+39) 0125 355397

We’ll be talking more about Queen Margaret when we get to the Campania region.

Until next time – Buon Appetito!