In all of Italy, when choosing a wine for an aperitif or happy hour drink, one of the most popular you will find is Prosecco. It is a white wine boasting the DOC designation from the region of Veneto. It’s light, sparkling and a little sweet, served chilled, which makes it a prime match for the savory bites usually found at a Sunday morning “brunch.”

For my friends and I, this usually consists in meeting at the local bar around noon to snack on little chunks of parmiggiano or mozzarella, pizzette (mini pizzas), taralli (traditional crackers), and smoked meats. It’s the perfect way to “open your stomach,” as they say, before all the Italian mammas get a hold of you and stuff you full of delicious Sunday lunch!

You may have heard that there was the threat of a Prosecco shortage. The high demand in foreign markets – including the USA – and a bad harvest led to the alarm bells being rung and everyone I know running to Costco to stock up, just in case. I doubt there’s much risk of feeling any effects at all, and it’s likely that it was mostly a marketing ploy. Though the wine speaks for itself I’d say, taking the place of champagne in many cases and actually outselling it in 2014 in the UK – not sure what the stats were for the US, but I wouldn’t doubt they were also quite high.

This is a go to wine, great for appetizers and small plates, cutting the fattiness of heavier meals, though I’d stay away from cream sauces. It matches well with a tomato or beef based sauce and is a light accompaniment to a light fish dish.

It also tastes fresh and clean on a sunny Sunday afternoon…because, why not?

Cin cin!