Italy is known for having a breadth of choice when it comes to interesting table wines. Falanghina is one of those wines.

     There are two varietals of Falanghina, the Beneventana, from Benevento, which is more inland, and Flegrei, which is located on the coast. This difference in geography and characteristic differences in how wine is produced, from grape to bottle, produces differences in flavor, as one would imagine.

campania region map

     The Beneventano tends to be more flowery, while the Flegrei is more fruity, which causes them both to pair well with foods from those areas of Campania, where seafood is king on the coast and delicate pork dishes dominate inland.


   One of my favorite Falanghinas is the Feudi di San Gregorio, from Avellino, which is a crisp blend of the characteristics of both the Beneventana and Flegrei wines. I find it fitting since the Avellino region sits in a saddle between Salerno, Naples and Benevento. As always, the flavors of Italy strongly reflect the region in which they are made. The 2015 scored 90 pt from Wine Enthusiast magazine, showing it can stand up to more famous or prized wines in the white category.

falanghina feudi di san gregorio

     Falanghina’s crisp freshness will accompany a plate of seafood or pork well, or even pizza, as well as being a nice aperitivo wine to pair with small bites on a summer afternoon. I know you’ll enjoy it.

     Buon appetito!