Below are some of my favorite products, sites, books and ingredients along with where to find them. Let me know what you love or what you want to find and I’ll help you find it. Trust me, I’ve done so much research on finding obscure Italian products, if it can be had I can probably find it for you!

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High Quality Pastas

The quality of pasta you buy, like any ingredient you use, will determine the quality of the outcome of your dish. Bronze die extruded vs. not, whole wheat vs traditional semola, or fresh made – it all matters and, as any Italian will tell you, every sauce requires it’s own perfect pasta! As for brands, for dried pasta, I prefer De Cecco. Their ingredients are high quality and we can get it quite easily Stateside.

Espresso Machines & Espresso

Anyone who has been to Italy or follows my social media knows that espresso is a staple in my family’s day. My son even asks to taste (he’s 1!). We concede with a little spoon dipped in, but that’s all. Never to early to get him used to the taste. I personally use a Delonghi espresso maker. They are the quintessential choice and make a variety of products, from manual to fully automatic, complete with whole bean burr grinder. Don’t forget your demitasse cups and sugar spoons as well. It’s not truly espresso time without them.

For espresso, this is really a personal choice, but we enjoy Lavazza. Every Italian will have a favorite, so I recommend trying a few and deciding for yourself.

Kitchen Tools, Products, Treats

Here are some links to my favorite sites for cooking tools and products to make your Italian Kitchen shine:

Cutting boards to Butcher Blocks: To Shop on, click here >

Yummybazaar – It’s no secret. I love their products and variety of choice: Sign Up For 10% Off First Order